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C2944A CD ROM Drive

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Name: C2944A CD ROM
Product Number: C2944A
Introduced: 1994
Division: Singapore
Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


Desktop CD ROM drive with SCSI SE interface. The C2944A was based around a Toshiba XM-5401B drive. Other standalone CD drives included the A2655A (Toshiba XM-3401B) and the C2943A (Toshiba XM-4101B).

Collector's Notes:

It is common for the small 12V fan inside these drives to fail. If the fan fails, the drive will not be usable with a computer even though the other powered functions work normally (power LED, in use LED and eject mechanism). As of 2014, two of the three drives at the museum had defective fans (and the other is sounding like it won't be much longer). Fortunately, the fans are cheap and easy to replace to get the drive going again.

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