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9162-0050 Tape for 9830A

Storage - Magnetic Tape Drives Selection:

Name: 9162-0050 Tape for 9830A
Product Number: 9162-0050
Introduced: 1972
Original Price: $11
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


Digital tape cassette for 9830A (and 9865A). 300 feet in length.

Collector's Notes:

These cassette tapes are the most reliable form of magnetic tape media used by HP prior to 1985. These tapes operated at a much lower speed than the small cartridge tapes used in the 98X5 and 80 Series computers. They were also much slower than the later quarter-inch cartridge tapes. In addition to being slower, these tapes also had a much lower storage capacity than any other magnetic tape media marketed by HP. But, the good news is that most of these tapes still work great even though many are over 30 years old. The ongoing reliability of these cassette tapes is probably due to to the much lower mechanical stresses that they experience during operation.

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