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Name: 9845B/C ROMs
Product Number:
Introduced: 1980
Division: Desktop Computer Division
Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


The 9845B/C carried its operating system ROMs on internal PCBs inside the computer. It also had an 8-slot drawer on each side of the computer to house pluggable option ROMs (green ROMs on the left, black ROMs on the right). The ROMS included:
- Graphics (Opt 311), 98411A; 09845-65517,
- Enhanced Graphics (for use with the 98780 monitor); 98780-65501,
- I/O (Opt 312), 98412A; 09845-65518, 09845-65519,
- Mass Storage (Opt 313), 98413A; 09845-65516,
- Advanced Programming (Opt 314), 98414A; 09845-65521,
- Structured Programming, 98415A ($525); 09845-65528,
- Basic Data Comm (Opt 317), 98417A ($500); 09845-67965,
- RJE Bisync Data Comm (Opt 318), 98418A ($500); 09845-67986,
- IMAGE/45 ROMs, 98429A ($3,000); 09845-65526, 09845-65527,
- Assembly Language Execution and Development (Opt 439), 98439A; 09845-65525,
- Assembly Language Execution (Opt 438), 98438A; 09845-65524,
- Test ROM, 09845-65520,

The part number for the black IMAGE/45 ROM is the same as the part number for the 128 KB RAM board (09845-65526).

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