98X5 (Software)

9845 Graphics Presentations
Application Software
Name: 9845 Graphic Presentation
Associated Hardware: 9845
Introduced: 1978
Product Number: 09845-10544
Media: 5.25 inch DS/DD
Original Price: $750
Division: Desktop Computer Division
Teledisk: 2.11


Zip file contains 2 discs (one disc has the TEXT program and one disc has the CHARTS program). After you have recreated your two 8" discs, you will need to copy the contents onto a single 8" disc (the original files were too large to fit on a single 5.25" archive disc).

You can run the TEXT program by issuing the command:

LOAD "Text" (and pressing the EXECUTE, then RUN keys).

Before running the program, you will need to edit line 250 to change the address of the msus statement from the internal tape drive to the external disc drive. To do this, enter the command:

EDITLINE 250 (and pressing the EXECUTE key)

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