200/300 Series (Software)

Diagraph 200 Series Software
Application Software
Name: Diagraph For 200 Series
Associated Hardware: 200 Series
Introduced: 1985
Product Number: 45463B Ver 3.1
Media: 3.5 inch SS/DD
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Personal Software
Teledisk: 2.16


Diagraph for 200 Series computers. Zip file contains 6 discs:

DIAGSYS1, System Disc 1,

DIAGSYS2, System Disc 2,

DIAGPROG, Program Disc,

DIAGSYM1, Symbol Library 1,

DIAGSYM2, Symbol Library 2,

DIAGSYM3, Symbol Library 3.

This program cannot be run without the hardware protection "dongle" that plugs into the HP-IB port. These dongles can be made using the connector end of an HP-IB cable, 2 diodes and a push button switch. Start by removing the connector end of the HP-IB cable from the cable itself (we used a hacksaw).

Instructions for making the Diagraph dongle:

(1) connect the CATHODE end of diode1 to pin 16 (DIO8) of the 24-pin connector.
(2) connect the CATHODE end of diode2 to pin 2 (DIO2) of the 24-pin connector.
(3) connect the ANODE ends of both diodes together.
(4) connect the ANODES in step 3 to one side of the pushbutton.
(5) connect the remaining side of the PB to pin 10 (SRQ) of the 24-pin connector.

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