260 (Software)

250 Op Sys & Util Discs B.05.00
Operating system
Name: 250 Op Sys and Utilities B.05.00
Associated Hardware: 250
Introduced: 1983
Product Number: 45274-18001/21
Media: 3.5 inch HD
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Boeblingen General Systems
Teledisk: 2.16


Download and unzip the archive file. Recreate the TD0 files onto a 3.5 inch floppy in the normal manner.

To restore the back up discs to usable software on your 9895A:
- Insert your target disc (DS/DD) into the 9895A and initialize it using the HP 260 INIT utility (RUN “INIT”). Follow the prompts to initialize the disc.
- Insert your 3.5 inch back up disc into one of the drives on your 9122C.
- Run the RECOVR utility on your HP 260 (RUN “RECOVR”) and follow the prompts to specify the source and destination of the back up.

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