1000-RTE (Software)

Operating system
Name: RTE-A ver 6200
Associated Hardware: HP-1000 A-Series
Introduced: 1994
Product Number: 92077A
Media: .hpi
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Data Systems
Donated by: Rik Bos, Sappemeer The Netherlands


The downloadable file is a zipped image of a complete RTE-A (rev 6200) installation on a 7958A disc drive. Use this disc image with the hpdrive emulation utility. So, you can get your old HP-1000 going even if you don't have any software or HP mass storage device. The image is configured to run from HP-IB address 2.

This disc image will boot RTE-A to a primary system. To create a user system, you will need to run the system generator program RTAGN.

So, to use this disc image:

Under the Product Documentation link below, you will find the contents of both A990.ANS and MINIMUM.ANS. We have added some hand-written commentary to help explain what is happening. Over 90% of the statements in these files are used to generate the RTE-A system. The remaining statements are used to specify particular peripherals that you are using (eg disc drives and printers). The easiest way for you to customize your system is to edit the A990.ANS answer file. It is currently configured to run:

To EDIT the A990.ANS answer file, issue the command CI.01>EDIT A990.ANS. To learn how to make changes and save the file, you should reference the RTE EDIT manual.

The MINIMUM.ANS answer file is only configured to run the console off the 12005B card (SC20) and a single 7958A disc (HP-IB address 2) off of the HP-IB card (SC27).

The HP manual that guides you through this process is the System Generation and Installation Manual (P/N 92077-90034). The RTE-A manuals can be found here.

This image was created by the very-clever Rik Bos and can be configured with RTAGN. It includes basic RTE-A and relocatable files.

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