Panacom Automation

Division name: Panacom Automation

Founded: 1983
Address: 20 Lexington Road, Waterloo Ontario Canada
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Jan Boersma founded Panacom Automation Inc in 1979. The company designed and manufactured industrial data-acquisition and control systems for utilities, resource industries and process industries.

HP bought Panacom in 1983. In 1982, the company had annual revenues of $750,000 and employed 37 people. Panacom became an operation within the Manufacturing Productivity Division, reporting to general manager Gaylan Larson. Boersma continued to manage the new operation. Major product lines for Panacom included remote terminal units, stand-alone software systems, automated fueling systems and industrial keyboard panels.

In 1987, the Panacom operation introduced the 3082A industrial terminal.

The new business grew quickly under HP. Panacom had sales of $7M in 1987. Revenue jumped to $17M in 1990.

Panacom became a division - Panacom Automation Division (PAD) in 1988.

HP closed the Panacom Division in January of 1998.

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