Peripheral Products - Accessories

Storage Selection:

1) 12869A Cartridge Disc for 7900A (1971)
2) 13129A Disc Service Kit (1972)
3) 13037A Disc Controller (1975)
4) 12940A Disc Pack for 7905/7906 (1975)
5) 8-inch SS/DD Floppy Discs (1976)
6) 13394A Disc Pack for 7920 (1977)
7) 13354A Disc Service Kit (1978)
8) 8-inch DS/DD Floppy Discs (1980)
9) 5.25-inch DS/DD Floppy Discs (1980)
10) 92193K Floppy Head Cleaner (1981)
11) 3.5-inch SS/DD Floppy Discs (1982)
12) 97935 Disc Pack for 7935 (1983)
13) 3.5-inch DS/DD Floppy Discs (1984)
14) 97907A Cartridge Disc for 7907A (1985)
15) 5.25-inch HD Floppy Discs (1986)
16) 92280A Rewritable MO Disc (1989)


Be sure to visit our Supplies and Consumables Catalogs for part numbers and information on all the media and accessories available for these products.

Ansgar Kuekes has developed a terrific utility for emulating old HP hard drives on vintage HP computers.

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