Communicator 1000/3000

Communicator Magazine was HP’s end-user magazine for its computer systems customers (3000, 1000/2000, 9600 systems). It was introduced in June of 1975. These magazines were usually between 50 and 100 pages long in the 1970s and 100 to 200 pages long in the 1980s. They contained information on a wide variety of subjects: software tips, hardware updates, manual listings, training schedules, software listings, and other topics related to using and optimizing HP systems. Communicator was not published on a scheduled basis. It might be published only three or four times a year, or published every month for three months.

The first twelve editions of Communicator included information on all HP systems. In June of 1977, HP began publishing separate magazine for its 1000 and 3000 customers (recognizing that these systems had little in common from the perspective of users).

Most of the museum's Communicator collection was donated by John Geremin of Megatronics Australia. The museum has most copies of Communicator published between 1975 and 1983, excluding some 1976 editions. Please contact us if you know how we might obtain a missing edition to help us complete our collection.


The first edition of Communicator - June 15, 1975.

Communicator 1000

The first edition of Communicator 1000 - June, 1977.

Communicator 3000


The museum has most editions of Communicator 3000. Editions not listed below are available on HP LaserROM CD. HP began distributing manuals and other documentation on CD (LaserROM) beginning in the early 1990s. The LaserROMs also included a full HP product catalog and listings of thrid party products. These CDs were very complete. Unfortunately, they were also a little cumbersome to use, particularly the viewing of images. And, there was no way to print the material. HP began distributing PDF versions of manuals and other documentation on CD in the mid 1990s. This format was much easier to use. Click here for a listing of Communicator 3000 available on LaserROM.


Issue - Communicator_No1_Jun75_33pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator_No2_Aug75_73pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator_No3_Oct75_45pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator_No4_Nov75_62pages.pdf


Issue - Communicator_No5_Jan76_44pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator_No8_May76_56pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator_No9_Jul76_65pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator_No10_Sep76_61pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator_No11_Nov-Dec76_85pages.pdf

April Issue - Communicator_No7_Apr76_81pages.pdf


Issue - Communicator_No12_Mar_77pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Issue13_Jun77_56pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Issue14_Jul77_72pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Issue15_Aug77_55pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Issue16_Nov77_54pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Issue17_Dec77_46pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue13_5951-6113_111pages_Jun77.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue14_5951-6113_101pages_Oct77.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue15_5951-6113_51pages_Dec77.pdf


Issue - Communicator1000_Vol2-Issue1_Feb78_49pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol2-Issue2_Apr78_83pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol2-Issue3_Jun78_79pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol2-Issue4_Sep78_79pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol2-Issue5_Nov78_59pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol2-Issue6_Dec78_114pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue16_5951-6113_180pages_Jun78.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue17_5951-6113_89pages_Sep78.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue18_5951-6113_79pages_Oct78.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue19_5951-6113_81pages_Dec78.pdf


Issue - Communicator1000_Vol3-Issue1_Mar79_99pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol3-Issue2_May79_69pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol3-Issue3_Aug79_56pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol3-Issue4_Sep79_65pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol3-Issue5_Nov79_73pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol3-Issue6_Dec79_59pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue20_5951-6113_172pages_Feb79.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue21_5951-6113_164pages_Oct79.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue22_5951-6113_67pages_Dec79.pdf


Issue - Communicator1000_Vol4-Issue1_Mar80_67pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol4-Issue2_May80_67pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol4-Issue3_Aug80_59pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol4-Issue6_Dec80_59pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol4-Issue4_Sep80_51pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol4-Issue5_Nov80_65pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue23_5951-6113_67pages_Jan80.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue24_5951-6113_178pages_Mar80.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue25_5951-6113_97pages_Jul80.pdf


Issue - Communicator1000_Vol5-Issue1_Apr81_67pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol5-Issue2_Jul81_51pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol5-Issue3_Sep81_59pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator1000_Vol5-Issue4_Dec81_71pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue26_5951-6113_92pages_Feb81.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue27_5951-6113_134pages_Sep81.pdf


Issue - Communicator1000_Vol5-Issue5_Jun82_87pages.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue28_5951-6113_124pages_Jan82.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue29_5951-6113_152pages_Jul82.pdf

Issue - Communicator3000_Issue30_5951-6113-30_154pages_Dec82.pdf


Issue - Communicator1000_Vol5-Issue6_Feb83_93pages.pdf


Jul Issue - Communicator3000_Vol2_Issue1_5955-1770_187pages_Jul84.pdf

Sep Issue - Communicator3000_Vol2_Issue2_5958-3124_66pages_Sep84.pdf


Issue - Communicator1000_DSD4.0_5951-6111_450pages_Mar86.pdf


Jul Issue - Communicator3000_Vol2_Issue16_5958-3168_71pages_Jul87.pdf


Jun Issue - Communicator3000_1989_Jun_30216-90013_59pages.pdf


Aug Issue - Communicator3000_Vol3_Issue1_32033-90208_54pages_Aug90.pdf

Oct Issue - Communicator3000_Vol3_Issue2_32033-90210_50pages_Oct90.pdf


Apr Issue - Communicator3000_Vol3_Issue3_32033-90236_54pages_Apr91pdf.pdf

Oct Issue - Communicator3000_Vol3_Issue4_32033-90248_58pages_Oct91pdf.pdf


Dec Issue - Communicator1000_ForSoftwareUpdate6.0_5961-6201_371pages_Dec92.pdf

Apr Issue - Communicator3000_Vol3_Issue5_32033-90256_98pages_Apr92pdf.pdf

Sep Issue - Communicator3000_1992_Sep_32033-90270_154pages.pdf

Dec Issue - Communicator3000_1992_Dec_32033-90281_66pages.pdf

Jul Issue - Communicator3000_1993_Jul_32033-90287_92pages.pdf


May Issue - Communicator3000_1994_May_32033-90295_142pages.pdf


Aug Issue - Communicator3000_1995_Aug_32033-90405_98pages.pdf


Oct Issue - 32650-90269_Communicator3000_MPEiX6.0_Vol10Iss1_294pages_Oct98_OCR.pdf

July Issue - 30216-90257_Communicator3000_MPEixPowerPatch5_Vol9_Iss4_168pages_Jul98_OCR.pdf


July Issue - 32650-90286_Communicator3000_MPEiX6.0-Express1_Vol10Iss2_94pages_Jul99_OCR.pdf

March Issue - 30216-90282_Communicator3000_MPEiX5.5_Express7_Vol9_Iss7_166pages_Mar99_OCR.pdf


Mar Issue - 30216-90291_Communicator3000_MPEiX6.5_Vol11Iss1_200pages_Mar00_OCR.pdf


July Issue - 30216-90328_Communicatore3000_MPEiX7.0_Express1_174pages_Jul01_OCR.pdf


Feb Issue - 30216-90312_Communicatore3000_MPEiX7.0_Vol12Iss1_100pages_Feb02_OCR.pdf

Aug Issue - 30216-90336_Communicatore3000_MPEiX7.5_Vol13Iss1_156pages_Aug02_OCR.pdf

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