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Computer Advances was a bi-monthly/quarterly newsletter for HP computer customers and prospective customers. Publication began in August of 1981. Computer Advances was a short publication, usually 8 to 14 pages that primarily promoted new products and price changes. It did not include the detailed product use, accessory and other technical information that could be found in the Communicator series of magazines. Computer Advances replaced an end-user publication of the same name that began publication in the 1970s and ceased publication in mid-1980.

HP Computer Update replaced Computer Advances in about 1990. It was a longer publication, usually 24 to 50 pages that was targetted to HP computer users, prospective customers and to HP channel partners. HP Computer Update contained much of the same information that was in HP Channel. These magazines are a great resource for the museum, but our collection is limited. Please contact us if you know how we might obtain a missing edition to help us complete our collection.

Computer Advances

HP Computer Update


Nov-Dec Issue - ComputerAdvances_1982_Nov-Dec_9pages_OCR.pdf


Issue - ComputerAdvances_1983_Nov-Dec_13pages.pdf


Issue - ComputerAdvances_1984_Jan-Feb_13pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1984_Sep-Oct_13pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1984_Nov-Dec_13pages.pdf


Issue - ComputerAdvances_1985_Jan-Feb_13pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1985_Mar-Apr_13pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1985_May-Jun_13pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1985_Jul-Aug_9pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1985_Sep-Oct_9pages.pdf


Issue - ComputerAdvances_1986_Jan-Feb_9pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1986_Mar-Apr_9pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1986_Jul-Aug_9pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1986_Sep-Oct_9pages.pdf

Issue - ComputerAdvances_1986_Nov-Dec_9pages.pdf


Issue - ComputerAdvances_1987_Winter_9pages.pdf

May-June Issue - HPUpdate_1987_12pages_May-Jun.pdf


Issue - ComputerAdvances_1988_Fall_9pages.pdf

Jan-Feb Issue - HPUpdate_1988_8pages_Jan-Feb.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - HPUpdate_1988_8pages_Mar-Apr.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - HPUpdate_1988_9pages_Sep-Oct.pdf


Aug-Sep Issue - HPUpdate_1990_9pages_Aug-Sep_OCR.pdf

Oct-Nov Issue - HPUpdate_1990_9pages_Oct-Nov_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - HPUpdate_1991_9pages_Jan-Feb_OCR.pdf

Mar-May Issue - HPUpdate_1991_9pages_Mar-Apr-May_OCR.pdf

June Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1991_6_June_41pages_OCR.pdf


Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1992_1_43pages_Jan92_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1992_3_31pages_Mar92_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1992_4_37pages_Apr92_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1992_6_57pages_Jun92_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1992_7_25pages_Jul92_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1992_9_57pages_Sep92_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1992_10_45pages_Oct92_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1992_11_37pages_Nov92_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1992_12_37pages_Dec92_OCR.pdf


Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1993_1_23pages_Jan93_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1993_2_29pages_Feb93_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1993_3_31pages_Mar93_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1993_41pages_May-Jun93_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPComputerUpdate_1993_45pages_Jul93_OCR.pdf

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