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Since the passing of the museum's founder Jon Johnston and the relocation of the museum's collection to the Hewlett Packard Company Archives in Atlanta, Georgia USA, the Museum is no longer accepting additional items for the collection. The following text has been retained as a record of the suggested ways to help prior to Jon's passing.

Thank you for coming to this page. We appreciate all the assistance we can get. If you have even a remote interest in old HP computers, you can probably help us if even just a little bit. Below are some ways in which we could use assistance (in reverse order of effort required):

- Email 3 friends our site address – www.hpmuseum.net. Helping us to increase our awareness is the most important assistance anyone can give us. You never know who might have something or know something we can use.

- Let us know if you spot an inaccuracy on our site. We probably won’t figure it out ourselves, unless you tell us. 

- Do you have something we need, or do you know someone who might? We collect:

Products: Old HP computer products (in most cases made before 1990). These include: computers, tapes drives, disc drives, terminals, workstations, printers, plotters, scanners, digitizers, calculators, tape readers, tape punch, networking hardware. We need multiples of all products for part swapping. We acquire products through donation, purchase, trade, and loan exchange (if you wish to retain ownership). We do not collect HP instruments. Please visit our page: Items We Are Looking For.

Software: Any software that runs (or used to run) on old HP computers. This includes: operating systems, application programs, utilities, test routines, programming languages. Any software documentation is also desired (whether media is included or not). If you do not want to part with your software, we can make a copy of it for you. We are also happy to receive old blank media (cartridge tapes, cassette tapes, punched tape, magnetic cards, floppy discs, hard discs, etc).

Manuals: All manuals are extremely helpful. These include: operators manual, programming manual, service manual, quick reference guide, installation/configuration guide, users guide, etc. If you do not want to part with your manual, in many cases we will be happy to make an electronic copy for you.

Promotional literature: Promotional literature adds spice to the museum by "setting the mood" for a particular era. Promotional literature includes: posters, print advertisements, technical reference guides, sales guides, accessories guides, special offers, mobiles, flyers, mailers, POP material, magazine articles, HP Journals, Computer News, Instrument News, HP product catalogues, etc.

Videos/Audio: Videos add life (and often bad fashion/hair) to the museum. We are seeking: radio/TV advertisements, product training tapes/videos, promotion tapes, conference presentations, or anything else in audio/video media.

- Storage space. As time goes on, we have the bad habit of collecting more items. We need more storage space (in the Melourne area). We currently have the need for about 25 to 30 pallet storage locations. Be sure to let us know if you have some spare space in your warehouse.

- One of our major challenges is fixing old machines. In many cases, we lack the expertise. In some cases, parts are no longer available (but could be fabricated). Please check our list of open technical issues and let us know if you know someone who could help us: Download Technical Issues Word File

- Cash contributions. If you would like to make a financial contribution toward preserving old computers, we recommend donations to the very worthy Australian Computer Museum Society, which has been an enormous help to our efforts. If you want to specifically assist our museum, then we will accept your donation for the purpose of acquiring items we are looking for (our primary source of outgoings). Items with rarity ratings of four or higher can be purchased from brokers for between $US200 and $2000. Please contact us if there is a specific machine you would like us to adopt or if you have a particular amount in mind.

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