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The HP Journal began publication in 1949. The HP Journal was comprised of articles written by HP lab engineers and scientists. These technical articles discussed what was new or interesting in the design elements of new HP products.

HP located plants next to major engineering universities. HP actively encouraged interchange between universities and the company. Another role served by the HP Journal was to provide a “publication vehicle” for academic-minded employees.

The HP Journal was initially published monthly (bi-monthly in the later part of its life). It is an outstanding source of information on the technology in HP products. Many of the articles also provide an insight into the design process used in the development of products. HP Journal articles have been posted in the "Product Documentation" sections of individual hardware items and hardware categories of the museum. To get a listing of all HP Journal articles posted on the web site, just type "hpjournal" in the Search box (without the quotes). The HP Journal is a copyrighted publication; copies displayed by The HP Computer Museum are done so with the permission of the Hewlett Packard Company.

The museum has most copies of the HP Journal published between 1949 and 1997. The museum is missing the following editions:

1990 - Aug,
1993 - Aug.

The bulk of the museum's HP Journal collection was donated by Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd. Many issues were also donated by John McGechie.

The Vintage Hewlett-Packard Archive has scanned copies of most HP Journals published between 1949 and 1998.

HP Journal magazines starting from upper left
and proceeding clockwise: 1949, 1967, 1978
and 1987.


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