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HP Australia Corporate Profiles:

1973 (20 pages, size: 2.1 MB)

1983 (19 pages, size: 1.4 MB)

1986 (8 pages, size: 1.2 MB)

1997 (12 pages, size: 1.0 MB)

HP Australia Appearances in Measure Magazine:

December, 1967. HPA's first appearance in Measure Magazine; announcing the acquisition of Sample Electronic's HP distribution business in Australia. Photo of Max Biggins.

November, 1968. A profile of HP's Australian business, including photos of some staff members (Derek Barlow, Barrie Sutton, John Springhall, John Warmington, Don Simmons, Malcolm Kerr, Don Watson, Graeme Brown, Bruce Marsh and Walter Buturlin.

January, 1980. The back page of this edition features the HP 3000 Series 30 which was code named "Koala". HPA's computer sales manager Tony Cookes organized the computer's Australian launch at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

March/April, 1984. Phil Moon presents at Blackburn Primary School career day (with an HP-86 and 7475).

September/October, 1984. A profile of HP's Australian business, including photos of David Booker, Bob O'Brien and David Chambers.

January/February, 1989. This edition of Measure was a photographic "Day in the Life" of HP. The Australian photo is of John Lester

March/April, 1991. This article on HP Training includes a photograph of HR Development Manager David Peake.

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