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HP Australia was part of HP's Intercontinental sales region. The region (ICON) encompassed the entire world, excluding the United States and Europe. ICON included Canada, Central and South America, Japan, Australasia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

The Intercontinental Operations organisation was based in Palo Alto, California. HP employees from ICON countries regularly rotated in and out of positions in the Intercontinental Operations organisation.

The publication intercom was launched in November of 1974. It was a newsletter for ICON employees. Its primary purpose was to keep everyone abreast of what was happening in all of the far flung areas of the region. Most editions of intercom include articles on HP Australia.

The final hardcopy version of intercom was printed in 1992, after which the publication went electronic.

Our collection of intercom newsletters was donated by that great HP historian Chuck House. For the definitive story on HP's history and its many business transformations, be sure to read Chuck's 2009 book The HP Phenomenon.

The First Edition of intercom - November, 1974


Nov-Jan Issue - Intercom_1974_Nov-Jan_Vol1-No1_13pages.pdf


Aug-Oct Issue - Intercom_1975_Aug-Oct_Vol1-No4_13pages.pdf

Feb-May Issue - Intercom_1975_Feb-May_Vol1-No2_13pages.pdf

May-Jul Issue - Intercom_1975_May-Jul_Vol1-No3_17pages.pdf

Nov-Jan Issue - Intercom_1975_Nov-Jan_Vol2-No1_17pages.pdf


Feb-Apr Issue - Intercom_1976_Feb-Apr_Vol2-No2_17pages.pdf

Jun Issue - Intercom_1976_Jun_Vol2-No3_17pages.pdf

Sep Issue - Intercom_1976_Sep_Vol2-No4_17pages.pdf

Dec Issue - Intercom_1976_Dec_Vol3-No1_17pages.pdf


Mar Issue - Intercom_1977_Mar_Vol3-No2_17pages.pdf

Jul Issue - Intercom_1977_Jul_Vol3-No3_17pages.pdf

Nov Issue - Intercom_1977_Nov_Vol4-No1_17pages.pdf


Feb-Apr Issue - Intercom_1978_Feb-Apr_Vol4-No2_17pages.pdf

May-Jul Issue - Intercom_1978_May-Jul_Vol4-No3_25pages.pdf

Winter Issue - Intercom_1978_Winter_Vol5-No1_25pages.pdf

Fall Issue - Intercom_1978_Fall_Vol4-No4_16pages.pdf


Spring Issue - Intercom_1979_Spring_Vol5-No2_25pages.pdf

Fall Issue - Intercom_1979_Fall_Vol5-No3_17pages.pdf

Winter Issue - Intercom_1979_Winter_21pages.pdf


Spring Issue - Intercom_1980_Spring_17pages.pdf

Summer Issue - Intercom_1980_Summer_17pages.pdf

Fall Issue - Intercom_1980_Fall_17pages.pdf


Spring Issue - Intercom_1981_Spring_17pages.pdf

Summer Issue - Intercom_1981_Summer_17pages.pdf

Winter Issue - Intercom_1981_Winter_21pages.pdf

Dec Issue - Intercom_1981_December_25pages.pdf


Jan-Mar Issue - Intercom_1982_Jan-Mar_17pages.pdf

Apr-Jun Issue - Intercom_1982_Apr-Jun_17pages.pdf


Spring Issue - Intercom_1983_Spring_13pages.pdf

Summer Issue - Intercom_1983_Summer_21pages.pdf

Fall Issue - Intercom_1983_Fall_17pages.pdf


Q2 Issue - Intercom_1984_Q2_21pages.pdf

Q3 Issue - Intercom_1984_Q3_17pages.pdf

Q4 Issue - Intercom_1984_Q4_17pages.pdf


Q1 Issue - Intercom_1985_Q1_17pages.pdf

Q2 Issue - Intercom_1985_Q2_17pages.pdf

Q3 Issue - Intercom_1985_Q3_17pages.pdf


Q1 Issue - Intercom_1986_Q1_21pages.pdf

Q2 Issue - Intercom_1986_Q2_17pages.pdf

Q3 Issue - Intercom_1986_Q3_21pages.pdf

Q4 Issue - Intercom_1986_Q4_17pages.pdf


Q1 Issue - Intercom_1987_Q1_17pages.pdf

Q2 Issue - Intercom_1987_Q2_19pages.pdf

Q3 Issue - Intercom_1987_Q3_17pages.pdf


Q1 Issue - Intercom_1988_Q1_21pages.pdf

Q2 Issue - Intercom_1988_Q2_17pages.pdf

Q3 Issue - Intercom_1988_Q3_17pages.pdf


Q2 Issue - Intercom_1989_Q2_17pages.pdf


2nd Ed Issue - Intercom_1990_2ndEd_17pages.pdf


3rd Ed Issue - Intercom_1991_3rdEd_17pages.pdf


Final Issue - Intercom_1992_Final_15pages.pdf

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