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Since the passing of the museum's founder Jon Johnston and the relocation of the museum's collection to the Hewlett Packard Company Archives in Atlanta, Georgia USA, the Museum is no longer accepting additional items for the collection. The following text has been retained as a record of what we were looking for at the time of Jon's passing.

What we need most:

- Computer News magazines from the late 1980s. Our collection is fairly comprehensive up through September of 1987 (including Information Systems and Manufacturing News). We still need editions that run from October 1987 until the end of publication. These magazines for HP sales people are a great record of what happened and when.
- Old software. Magnetic media degrades over time (especially old cartridge tapes). The sooner we archive it, the better. We are especially keen on obtaining old hard discs used with 3000, 1000 or 9000 systems. We can image these discs directly to save the software.
- Newsletters published by HP divisions for their employees. These include hi points (Loveland), Bridge (YHP), PULS (Boeblingen), Scribe (San Diego), etc.
- We are also trying to build a collection of the Interex publication "HP-UX" from the 1980s and 1990s. We currently have only a few copies.
- Computer Advances. HP end user magazine editions from the 1970s.
- Data Systems Newsletters from 1973 and 1974.
- Product and promotional videos. Videos provide the best "real life" record of HP computing history. Please click here for a complete list of the videos we are looking for. Please contact us if you ever knew anyone who worked for HP TV.

Hardware Items:

The table below provides a mostly complete listing of major hardware products we are looking for. This matrix lists the items by rarity (higher numbers are more rare) and product category.

The rarity assessment is subjective and based on the museum’s past exposure (or not) to the various items. The product categories are not mutually exclusive. For example, HP produced several “printing terminals”. We have put these products into the “Printer” category, rather than the “Input” category. Also, paper tape readers are a form of storage device as well as being an input device. We have put these products into one category or the other, depending on where space was available based on the rarity rating.

The white boxes represent the items we are most in need of. We have no samples of these items. The yellow boxes show those items of which we currently have one sample. The blue boxes note those items where we have multiple samples (varying conditions) and are probably available for trade.

We are always looking for rare items whether we have multiples or not, and whether they are working or not. We are especially keen to acquire any item with a rarity rating of four or higher.

HP Computer Rarity Spreadsheet.

The sheet below is a listing of smaller items that we still require. Please let us know if you know how we might obtain these items.

Smaller items we still require

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