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HP's Corvallis Division began publishing Key Notes in January of 1977. Key Notes had a worldwide circulation and replaced the US newsletter HP-65 Key Note. Key Notes was distributed to purchasers of Corvallis Division products and to others who subscribed separately to the newsletter. Key Notes published information on new products, price changes, programming tips, programming libraries and other articles of interest to end users.

A special thank you to Jake Schwartz who contributed both of our 1983 editions.

HP-85 Introduction in March 1980 Key Notes


Oct Issue - KeyNotes_1977_Oct_Vol1No3_15pages_OCR.pdf

Jun Issue - KeyNotes_1977_Jun_Vol1No2_12pages.pdf

Jan Issue - KeyNotes_1977_Jan_Vol1No1_12pages.pdf


Nov Issue - KeyNotes_1978_Nov_Vol2No4_13pages_OCR.pdf

Aug Issue - KeyNotes_1978_Aug_Vol2No3_12pages.pdf

May Issue - KeyNotes_1978_May_Vol2No2_8pages.pdf

Feb Issue - KeyNotes_1978_Feb_Vol2No1_8pages.pdf


Nov Issue - KeyNotes_1979_Nov_Vol3No4_13pages_OCR.pdf

Aug Issue - KeyNotes_1979_Aug_Vol3No3_13pages_OCR.pdf

May Issue - KeyNotes_1979_May_Vol3No2_13pages_OCR.pdf

Feb Issue - KeyNotes_1979_Feb_Vol3No1_13pages_OCR.pdf


Sep Issue - KeyNotes_1980_Sep_Vol4No3_13pages_OCR.pdf

Jun Issue - KeyNotes_1980_Jun_Vol4No2_13pages_OCR.pdf

Mar Issue - KeyNotes_1980_Mar_Vol4No1_13pages_OCR.pdf


Sep Issue - KeyNotes_1981_Sep_Vol5No3_17pages_OCR.pdf

May Issue - KeyNotes_1981_May_Vol5No2_17pages_OCR.pdf

Jan Issue - KeyNotes_1981_Jan_Vol5No1_17pages_OCR.pdf


Sep Issue - KeyNotes_1982_Sep_Vol6No4_21pages_OCR.pdf

Jun Issue - KeyNotes_1982_Jun_Vol6No3_17pages_OCR.pdf

Mar Issue - KeyNotes_1982_Mar_Vol6No2_17pages_OCR.pdf

Jan Issue - KeyNotes_1982_Jan_Vol6No1_17pages_OCR.pdf


Jan Issue - Keynotes_1983_Jan_Vol7No1_8pages_OCR.pdf

Aug Issue - Keynotes_1983_Aug_Vol8No2_16pages_OCR.pdf

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