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Keyboard Magazine was first published in 1969 for users of the HP 9100 desktop computer and accessories. It was a quarterly newsletter that included information on different product applications, peripherals, software, user stories and programming tips. Keyboard was originally published by HP’s Loveland Division and subsequently by the Fort Collins Division.

During the 1970s, Keyboard was the end-user magazine for all HP desktop computers and peripherals, including the 98X0 and 98X5 computers. The magazine was published between three and six times per year. The first handheld calculator products were also covered in Keyboard beginning in 1973 with the HP-80. Interestingly, coverage of these products began disappearing in the latter half of the 1970s at about the same time that the Corvallis Division was established. The 80 Series products (made by Corvallis, not Fort Collins) also received little coverage in Keyboard. The Corvallis Division published its own customer newsletter - Key Notes between 1977 and 1982. Key Notes primarily covered handheld calculators, although the HP-85 was introduced in the March 1980 edition. Keyboard Magazine was formally replaced by Computer Advances. The final edition was published for Nov/Dec of 1981.

Keyboard is a great source of information on the desktop computers and peripherals. In addition to the marketing information, Keyboard includes a lot of useful tips for workarounds to common problems and other “hands-on” information.

The museum has a fairly complete collection of Keyboard from the 1970s. We are missing some of the early editions from 1969 and 1970.

The 9845A is Introduced in the 1977 Third Edition of Keyboard.


Vol 1, No 1 - One-page summary of the development of the 9100A, programs for simultaneous equations, 2-way analysis of variance and first order differential equations. Donated by Peter Adamiak.
Vol 1, No 2 - 9125A plotter, Programs for blackbody radiation, inverse position computations and 3 x 3 matrix. Donated by Don DiGalbo.
Vol 1, No 3 - 9120A printer, General Statistics for quality control, Universal triangle solution, Programs for labeling plots. Donated by Don DiGalbo.
Vol 1, No 4


Vol 2, No 1 – 9100, 9120A, 9125A, 9150A, 9160A, 9101A, 2570A, Roots of 4th Degree Polynomial, Population Estimate and Confidence Limits of Removal Trapping, Primary and Secondary Transmission Line Parameters.
Vol 2, No 2
Vol 2, No 3
Vol 2, No 4


Vol 3, No 1 – 9160A Speeds Data Input, Matrix Inversion, Average Properties of Fluid Mixtures, Carbon Dioxide Content of Human Blood, Calculator Art Contest.
Vol 3, No 2 – Formatted Output From the 9100A (9106A), 9104A Tape Reader, Analyzing Medical Data with a 9100, Amortized Loan, Factors of N, CNAP Calculator Analysis.
Vol 3, No 3 – The New 9810A, 9862A, Histogram Generation, Passive RLC Network Analysis.
Vol 3, No 4 – Options for the 9810A, Business Routines for Model 10, Using 9100 for Processing Data From Psychological Experiments, 9107A, Frame Analysis, Fast Fourier Transform Routines, Bessel Functions, Nuclear Reaction Kinematics, Bessel Function of the First Kind, Converting Decimal Number to a Binary Code.


Vol 4, No 1 – Meet the 9820A, The First Coin-Operated Computer, 9863A, Fourier Series Coefficients, Polynomial Regression, Critical Shaft Speed and Natural Frequency of Complex Beams, Addition and Subtraction of Octal Integers.
Vol 4, No 2 – Whistler Duct Research and HP Calc, 9864A, Souther California Surveying, 9865A, One-Line N!, Least Squares Solution of m Equations in n Unknowns, Frame with Several Floors and Spons, Lunar Module Landing Simulator (9100B).
Vol 4, No 3 – Velocity-Radius Relationship of Orbiting Bodies, Chebyshev Low-Pass Filter Design, The Game of Life, Numerical Integration Using Gaussian Quadrature.
Vol 4, No 4 – Introducing the 9830A, 9866A, Investment Analysis on the 9830A, Model 30 Program Pacs, Harmonic Analysis, Lagrangian Interpolation for n points, Correction of Entries-Math Pac IV-6, Complex Number Arithmetic, Multiple 2-point Gaussian Integration (9100).


Vol 5, No 1 – HP-80, 9865A, Three Dimensional Transformation Subroutines for Model 10, Fire Danger Index Generation.
Vol 5, No 2 – 9805A, Precision Encoder Plate Measurement, Model 10 in Physiology, General Function Plot (9830A).
Vol 5, No 3 – HP Calculators Are in Business, Stock Market Analysis System, Multiple Regression In Real Estate, HP-45 and HP-46 Scientific Calculators, Model 20 as an Aid to Wreck Location, Ge(Li) Gamma Spectrum Program for Environmental Analysis.
Vol 5, No 4 – Model 30 in Modern Printing, HP-81, 9820A Payroll Pac, Assignment of Enlisted Marines, Computer-Aided Intuition in Walsh Functions Research.


Vol 6, No 1 – Mass Memory Accounting System, The Model 30 in Business Applications, 9880A/B, Model 30 Contributes to Solid State Physics, 9810A Takes Over Swim Meet Officiating.
Vol 6, No 2 – Project Cost Accounting, 9821A, Practical Files System Programs.
Vol 6, No 3 – International Macro Economics and the 9830A, A Model 10 Program Correcting Artifacts in the Evaluation of Indicator Dilution Curves.
Vol 6, No 4 – 9810A Chess-playing Program, Office Furniture For Calculator Systems, Airplane Stability Augmentation System Design on 9830A, The Art of Science.
Vol 6, No 5 – 9870A, Valuation With MRA, Computer Holography With the 9100B, The Eigen Solution of Linear Systems.
Vol 6, No 6 – HP Calculators Used By the Blind, Analysis of Gamma Camera Imaging Data Using a Programmable Calculator, Surveillance of Oil-Fired Power Stations, 9830A in Nuclear Medicine.


Vol 7, No 1 – Calculator-Based Systems, 9830 as an Aid in Tracking Project Milestones, 9810A Memory Unit Salvaged, The Art of Science Part 2.
Vol 7, No 2 – Structural Analysis of 3-Dimensional Frames, Magnetic Circuit Design with 9820A, Course Examinations and Survey Evaluations Using the 9830A, The Art of Science Part 3.
Vol 7, No 3 – Wingate and the 9830, Drug Evaluation, Integrated Circuit Layout Design with HP Desk-top Calculators, Optimizing the Operation of a Chemical Process Complex, Don’t Fret.
Vol 7, No 4 – 9871A, 9815A, Generalized Linear Least-Squares Fitting, Return to Sender, 9830A System Speeds Pipeline Measurement.


Vol 8, No 1 – Low Cost CAD/CAM, 9825A, Coast Guard Uses 9830 in Harbor Study, The Stereographic Projection, Bicentennial Symbol Program.
Vol 8, No 2 – Historic Landmark Saved by Modern Technology, Simplifying Optical Design, 9830A Helps Sample Martian Soil, Newton-Raphson Iteration.
Vol 8, No 3 – Precision Measurement 9810A, 9820A System for Experimental Cardiac Radiology, Marine Archeological Surveying, A Computerized Election Campaign Game. Fractional Arithmetic, Improved Form Feed Mechanism for the 9871A.


1977/1 – Fighting Oil Well Fires, Salinity Temperature and Depth Measurements with the 9830A, Playing Mastermind with the 9810A, 9831A, 9872A, 9885M/S.
1977/2 – More on the Viking Mission, A System to Conserve Energy 9815A, On-Line Use of the 9810A in Relative Simultaneous Two Sample Activation Measurement.
1977/3 – 9845A, Automatic Switch Off For the 9810A, The MED Project, Record Keeping on the 9830A.


1978/1 – Using the 9830A in the Clinical Laboratory, Potential Flow Around Arbitrary Airfoil Sections, 7245A, 9875A, 98035A.
1978/2 – Screening Newborns for Congenital Hypothyroidism, Long Range Planning, 98224A ROM for the 9825A.
1978/3 – 9874A Digitizing and Computer Graphics, Demography and the System 45, Complex Arithmetic Using the 9830 Matrix Option, Using the 9810A in Calculus Instruction, 9815S.
1978/4 – 9815A in Quality Control, Manganese Nodule Research, 9835A, 9825S, 7225A.


Jan-Feb/79 – 9825A Desktop Aids Skylab Effort, How Do Computers Comminicate, or what is I/O?, Powerful and Precise X-ray Therapy Has Become More Affordable, 9876A.
Mar-Apr/79 – Design Research Suggests Energy Pollution Solution, Liebson on I/O part II, Digitizing System Cuts Multi-Hour Jobs Down to Minutes.
May-Jun/79 – HP Computer Collects Data on Denver's Brown Cloud, Leibson on the Parallel Interface, The New 9845B, Presentation Graphics on the 9845B.
Sep-Oct/79 – 9845 Taking the Shuttle Home, Engineering For Metal Strip Casting, Random Number Generators Part II, Leibson on I/O – The BCD Interface, Applications at DCD – Improving Product Quality.
Nov-Dec/79 – Water Engine of the Rockies, Applications at DCD – Detecting Defective ICs, Leibson on I/O – The Unstandard Interface Serial I/O, 9872S.


Jan-Feb/80 – 9825 Gathers Data on Florida Flooding, 9825 Guards Rolex Quality, Liebson on I/O: Interrupt, Intorduction of The HP-85, 9825 in NC Application.
Programming Tips – Feb/80. This booklet includes all the programming tips published in the magazine since its inception. Very useful!
Mar-Apr/80 – 9825: Breaking The Energy Habit, 9830: 2-Variable Function Plotting, Liebson on I/O: DMA, 9825 Controlling PC Electroplating.
May-Jun/80 – 9825 Testing Hi-Fi Hardware, 9845 and 9872 Used at Caterpillar, Liebson on I/O: Character Codes, 9845 Used in Accounting at HP.
Jul-Aug/80 – Many Small Parts, Gasinstituut, 9845C, Leibson on I/O Part X – The Software of I/O, 9825B, 9825T.
Sep-Oct/80 – Intake, Testing Nikon Quality, Liebson on I/O Part XI – Interrupts and Buffers, Desktop Computer Applications at HP – A Fast Draw in Colorado, Adding I/O to the HP-85, 9895A.
Nov-Dec/80 – Reckoning – 9825, Full Steam – 9815, Leibson on I/O Part XII – How High is the Ground? 9111A, Color Graphics, Desktop Computer Applications at HP – Computer Network Raises ROM Yield.

1981 (First four issues donated by Karl Prucha, Austria; last 2 issues donated by Adolf Specht, Canada)

Jan/Feb – 9845: Colorado Haze, 9820/25: Wyoming Blizzard Buster, 9845: Truck Engineers Best Fried, 9825: Bowling Pin Count, Desktops in the Future, The New 9915A.
Mar/Apr - Desktop Computer Applications at HP, 9845: Flightline Test 747, Best Tool: 9100 to 9845.
May/Jun - 9835B: Find the Lighting Save the NASA Mission, 9845C: A Place in the Sun, 9835A: Helps Diminish EMI, Flexible Disc Care, 9825: Shock Testing Torpedoes.
Jul/Aug - 9845C: Mapping Picture of Health, 9825: Measuring Machine Vibrations, Announcing the 9826, 9825: Measures Parts Quality.
Sep/Oct - 9845T: Bethlehem Steel, 9825/9872: Finding the Medusa wreck, DCD Product Regulations Lab, Random numbers on HP desktops.
Nov/Dec - 9845T: Cleaning up North Sea spill, 9845/25: Mt Sanai Hospital Serum Evaluation System, 9835: Storage Technology Corporation test system, 9826: Inside airplane controlling 3497A data acquisition system, 9845 w/ 7906: Database application for pacemaker batteries, 9845T: Controlling test equipment for Citizen watches.

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