Measure Magazine

Measure Magazine was the internal magazine for HP employees. Beginning in 1963 and finishing in 2000, Measure Magazine was published monthly or bi-monthly. The museum has most copies of the publication printed during that time.

The museum is missing the following editions in the 1977 to 2000 period:

1977 - November,
1979 - May,
1983 - Nov/Dec,
1985 - May/June,
1987 - Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec,
1989 - Nov/Dec,
1992 - Jan/Feb, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec,
1993 - Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr,
1994 - Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct,
1997 - Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec,
2000 - Mar/Apr.

HP was a decentralized, divisionalised business. Until the middle 1980s, most divisions were relatively autonomous. Many HP employees had little knowledge of business activities outside of their own division. Measure Magazine was designed to keep HP employees informed on the entire company. Articles in the magazine were written to address issues like:

Measure Magazine is a good reflection of the issues that were most important to HP management and HP staff at the time of publication. Almost all of the museum's Measure Magazine collection was donated by Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd.

Click here to see a summary of HP Australia appearances in Measure Magazine.

Click here to see the HP Computer Museum's debut in Measure Magazine in Sep/Oct 1998.

The Vintage Hewlett-Packard Archive has scanned copies of most Measure Magazines published between 1963 and 2000. You can also find scanned copies of Measure Magazines at HP.

The first Measure Magazine from July, 1963
(upper left). Following clockwise: 1972, 1981
and 1991.


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