Measurement Computation News

Measurement Computation News was a bi-monthly publication for HP instrument customers and prospective customers. The magazine primarily included information on new instruments. It also included information on new HP computers (business and technical), software peripherals and some third-party products. Measurement Computation News was a short publication (usually 8 to 12 pages) that was primarily a vehicle for new product announcements. These magazines are a great resource for the museum, but our collection is limited. Please contact us if you know how we might obtain a missing edition to help us complete our collection.

Measurement Computation News


Jul-Aug Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1980_Jul-Aug_9pages_OCR.pdf


Sep/Oct Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1983_Sep-Oct_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1983_Nov-Dec_9pages_OCR.pdf


Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1984_Mar-Apr_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1984_May-Jun_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1984_Jul-Aug_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1984_Sep-Oct_13pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1984_Nov-Dec_9pages_OCR.pdf

Jun 1 Issue - ComputerNews_1984_Jun1_42pages_OCR.pdf


Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1985_Jan-Feb_13pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1985_Mar-Apr_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1985_May-Jun_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1985_Jul-Aug_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1985_Sep-Oct_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1985_Nov-Dec_9pages_OCR.pdf


Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1986_Jan-Feb_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1986_May-Jun_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1986_Jul-Aug_9pages_OCR.pdf

Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1986_Sep-Oct_9pages_OCR.pdf


Mar-Apr Issue - Measurement-Computation-News_1987_Mar-Apr_9pages_OCR.pdf

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