The Old Timers

Bruce Marsh: 1967 to 2000   Les Lawrence: 1968 to 2000
Bruce Graham: 1968 to 1990   Mike Muller and Bruce Graham
Ian Johnston: 1969 to 2006   John Springall: 1967 to 1990
John Biggins: 1967 to 1980   John Bieske: 1969 to 1998
Hans Nielson: 1973 to 2006   Steven Brevik and Lloyd Stott (R 1970 to 2006)
The old timers remember the good old days and support the local wine industry (2000).
L to R: John Biggins, Hans Neilson, Les Lawrence, John Springall, John Warmington, Don Breen,
Russell Warmington, Bruce Marsh, Don Simmons, Alan Darbyshire.


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