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Name: 2570A Coupler Controller
Product Number: 2570A
Introduced: 1970
Division: Dymec
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $1625


The 2570A was a coupler for connecting HP and non-HP instruments together under the control of a 2100-series computer or 9100 calculator. The 2570A had eight I/O slots and the 2575A (1971, $1275) had four I/O slots.

The original interface cards for the 2570A included:

12797A BCD input card - $600,

12798A BCD output card - $500,

12799A 16-bit relay register - $500,

12800A 8-bit duplex register - $500,

12801A Teleprinter interface - $450,

12802A Calculator interface - $1775,

12803A 10-channel read relay scanner - $600,

12807A Pinboard program card - $750,

12809A Time-sharing interface - $1500.

Click here for a detailed look at the origins of the 2570A.

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