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92198A Video Interface

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Name: 92198A Video Interface
Product Number: 92198A
Introduced: 1984
Original Price: $325
Catalog Reference: 1985, Page 68
Donated by: Pete Hanson, Western Australia


The 92198A was made by Mountain Computer Corporation. It had an HP-IL interface and was used by the HP-41, HP-71 and HP-75 to output 80-column (24-row) video to a standard video monitor.

Collector's Notes:

The 92198A requires a 9V DC adapter with a male plug (center point positive). Although the 92198A produces 80-column output, it does not use the entire horizontal width of the monitor. It leaves about an inch margin on both sides. As a result, the 92198A produces a relatively low resolution character cell compared to full width 80-column output from an HP-86.

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