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82936A ROM Drawer

80 Series Selection:

Name: 82936A ROM Drawer
Product Number: 82936A
Introduced: 1979
Division: Corvallis
Original Price: $45
Catalog Reference: 1981, page 622


Pluggable ROM drawer for 80 Series computers. Enhanced functionality (language extensions, I/O capability) for 80 Series machines was available through pluggable ROMS. These ROMS included:

  1. 00085-15001. ($145) HP-85 mass storage ROM, required for the 85A to interface with disc drives. The 85B had this ROM built in.
  1. 00085-15002. ($145). For interfacing HP-85 with graphics plotters and printers.
  1. 00087-15002. ($145). For interfacing 86/87 with graphics plotters (printer commands are built in to the 86 and 87.
  1. 00085-15003 and 00087-15003. ($295). Input/output ROM for HP-85 and 86/87 with BASIC language extensions allowing connection to a variety of devices.
  1. 00085-15004 and 00087-15004. ($145). Matrix ROM for HP-85 and 86/87. Provides matrix and vector capability.
  1. 00085-15005 and 00087-15005. ($145). Advanced Programming ROM for HP-85 and 86/87 with BASIC language extensions for increased capability.
  1. 00085-15007 and 00087-15007. ($295). Assembler ROM for HP-85 and 86/87. Adds assembly language programming capability.
  1. 00087-15011. ($295). MIKSAM (Multiple Indexed Keyed Sequential Access Method) ROM for 86/87 with 13 additional BASIC instructions for enhanced file management.
  1. 00087-15012. ($295). Electronic Disc ROM for 86/87. Enables the use of RAM to emulate a floppy disc. Electronic disc is built into the HP-86B

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