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Vectra ES System Unit

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Name: Vectra ES
Product Number: D1226A
Introduced: 1987
Division: Personal Office Computer
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Original Price: $2395
Catalog Reference: 1989, page 682


In 1988, HP introduced a range of models to replace the original Vectra PC. The Vectra ES was the direct replacement for the original Vectra PC. It had the Intel 80286 CPU (8 MHz) and came standard with 640KB RAM. Configurations available included: D1210A (5.25 inch floppy, no hard disc, $2395), D1215A (3.5 inch floppy, no hard disc, $2395), D1220A (5.25 inch floppy, 20 MB hard disc, $2795), D1226A (5.25 inch floppy, 20 MB hard disc, VGA card, $3195), D1227A (3.5 inch floppy, 20 MB hard disc, VGA card, $3195).

Collector's Notes:

As of 2013, Vectra ES computers still seem to be fairly reliable. Most units will have bad hard discs, and a few will have a malfunctioning floppy drive. But, the power supply, motherboard and other internal components are holding up very well.

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