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Name: 7958 Disc Drive
Product Number: 7958
Introduced: 1986
Division: Disc Memory
Original Price: $8210
Catalog Reference: 1988, page 708


The 7958A was a modular 130MB hard disc drive connected primarily to 300 Series machines. It had an HP-IB interface with an average seek time of 29ms and a data transfer rate of 1.25 MB per second. The 7958B was introduced in 1988 with a storage capacity of 152MB and average seek time of 17ms. The 7958S was introduced in 1989 with a SCSI interface, 17.5ms average seek time, 1.5 MB per second data transfer rate, and 161MB storage capacity.

The 7958 used the CS/80 command set.

Collector's Notes:

The 7957/8/9 disc drives have held up relatively well over time. We have more than a dozen units at the museum. About two thirds are functional (as of 2013), with the newer 7959 drives the most reliable and the 7957 drives the least reliable.

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