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9133A Disc Drive

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Name: 9133 Disc Drive
Product Number: 9133
Introduced: 1982
Division: Greeley
Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: 1984, page 619


The 9133 was a modular disc drive with an HP-IB interface. It included both a hard disc and a 3.5 inch floppy drive. The part number 9133 was used by HP over five years for combination drives which had very different performance characteristics and storage capacities. The 9133A and 9133B had the wider, 19 inch form factor. These drives had SS/DD capacity floppy drives (270KB). The 9133A had a 4.6MB hard disc and the 9133B had a 9.6MB hard disc.

Subsequent models of the 9133 incorporated the smaller, stackable form factor first used with the 9121 drive. The 9133V was introduced in 1983 with a SS/DD floppy drive and a 4.8MB hard drive. The 9133XV had a 14.5MB hard disc. The 9133D ($3,245) was introduced in 1984 with a 14.8MB hard disc and DS/DD (710K) floppy drive. The 9133H ($2,740) was introduced in 1985 with a 20MB hard disc and DS/DD floppy drive. The 9133L ($4,240)  was also introduced in 1985 with a 40MB hard disc and DS/DD floppy drive.

The 9133A/B used the AMIGO command set. The 9133D/H used the SS/80 command set. The 9133V/XV used the AMIGO command set.

Click here for information on brand new drives compatible with the 9133.

You can use your PC's hard drive (with an HP-IB board installed) to emulate this drive with vintage HP computers.

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