LaserJet 4MV

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Name: LaserJet 4V
Product Number: 33449A
Introduced: 1994
Division: Boise
Original Price: $2449
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Agilent Australia.


The LaserJet 4V was based on the Canon BX engine which had a maximum print speed of 16 pages per minute. The primary differentiating feature of the LaserJet 4V was its ability to print on A3 paper. The LaserJet 4V was the first HP laser printer to offer A3 printing since the LaserJet 2000. The LaserJet 4V was constructed and looked a lot like a big LaserJet IIIP. It came standard with a 100-sheet "lip" paper tray and a lower 250-sheet paper tray. The LaserJet 4V came standard with 4MB RAM expandable to 64MB. It had standard serial and parallel interfaces with an MIO port for optional LAN cards. The LaserJet 4MV was the Postscript/Mac version for the LaserJet 4V. Its part number was C3142A, priced at $3549.

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