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80 Series Selection:

Name: 87
Product Number: 87
Introduced: 1982
Division: Personal Computer Division
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Original Price: $2495
Catalog Reference: 1983, page 87
Donated by: Stan Kurzet, Newport Beach California


The 87 was similar to the 83, but with a wider screen. The 10-inch screen on the 87 could print 24 lines of text by 80 characters and had a graphics resolution of 400 x 544 dots. The 87 came standard with an HP-IB interface. It also came standard with 128K RAM, expandable to 640K. The 87XM replaced the 87 in 1983.

The 87XM was obsoleted in October of 1984.

Collector's Notes:

The 87 is not as robust as the other 80 Series computers. About half of the machines that have come through the museum have had a power supply problem. The 87 is much less common than the 85. The 10-inch screen on the 87 is only slightly more useful than the smaller screen on the 85 for most applications.

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