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Name: 7908 Tape/Disc Drive
Product Number: 7908P/R
Introduced: 1981
Division: Disc Memory
Original Price: $10900
Catalog Reference: 1982, page 680


The 7908 was the first of the combination quarter-inch cartridge tape and disc drives (followed by the 7911, 7912 and 7914.). The 7908 combined a 16-MB hard disc with a quarter-inch tape drive that accepted tapes of either 16.7 or 67 MB. The 7908 used the CS/80 command set.

The 7908 largely replaced the 7910, and by the end of 1981, the 7910 was obsolete.

The 7908 was obsoleted in January of 1985.

You can use your PC's hard drive (with an HP-IB board installed) to emulate this drive with vintage HP computers.

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