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Name: 9872 Flatbed Plotter
Product Number: 9872
Introduced: 1977
Division: San Diego
Ad: Click to see, Click to see
Original Price: $4200
Catalog Reference: 1978, P. 582


The 9872A was HP's first multi-pen plotter and replaced the 9862A. The 9872A had four pens. Unlike the 9862A, these pens were capped to prevent drying out when not in use, another first for the 9872A. With the 9872A, HP began marketing its 2-letter mnemonic graphics language as HP-GL (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language). The 9872A came standard with an HP-IB interface and a special interface for the 9815A computer. The 9872B (1979, $4750) came with the updated HP-IB interface in 1979. The 9872S ($6500) added automatic rollfeed capability to the 9872B. The 9872C (1981, $5800) added another four pens to the 9872B for a total of eight. The 9872T ($7900) was the automatic rollfeed version of the 9872C.

The 9872 was also a movie star. It made an appearance in the 1980 movie Raise The Titanic.

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