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DraftMaster II

Pen Plotters Selection:

Name: DraftMaster
Product Number: 7595
Introduced: 1987
Division: San Diego
Original Price: $8495
Catalog Reference: 1988, P. 724


The Draftmaster I and II replaced the 7585B and 7586B. The DraftMasters were the most advanced pen plotters ever made by HP. They handled media sizes up to E/A0 size and plotted at 60 cm/s with acceleration up to 5.7g. The DraftMaster II (P/N 7596A - $10995) also plotted on continuous rolls. The DraftMaster SR/RX series (P/N 7595B/C, 7596B/C), introduced in 1990 added HP/GL-2 language capability and a faster plot speed of 110 cm/s. The DraftMaster MX (7599C) added a 20 MB hard disc to the DraftMaster RX roll-feed model. Click here to view a 6 second video of the DraftMaster in action (1.0 MB).

Collector's Notes:

If you need to replace the drive belt that goes between the Y-drive motor and the Y-axis pulley on your Draftmaster SX, the specifications of the belt are:

Pitch - 0.080" MXL
Pitch(Belt) length - 8.4"
Number of teeth - 105
Belt width - 0.25"

The HP part number for this belt is 1500-0687 but the equivalent part from Small Parts and Bearings is B-MXL-0105-0064-PKB for a Kevlar belt.

The belt between the X-Drive motor and the Grit roller has the following specifications:

Pitch - 0.080" MXL
Pitch(Belt) length - 11.6"
Number of teeth - 145
Belt width - 0.375"

The HP part number for this belt is 1500-0689 but the equivalent part from Small Parts and Bearings is B-MXL-0145-0095-PKB for a Kevlar belt.

Click here for binary images of the Processor EPROMs in the Museum's 7596A plotter to use in creating replacement EPROMs (they are all 27512 items). Note that these EPROMs are used on the 07595-60100 Processor PCA and may not work on the newer 07595-60200 version of the Processor PCA.

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