2619A 1000 LPM Printer

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Name: 2619A
Product Number: 2619A
Introduced: 1979
Division: Boise
Original Price: $21000
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Computer History Museum (Photo)


The 2619A was a 132-column, 1000 lines-per-minute chain printer for connection to large HP systems. It printed Gothic typeface.

The 2619A was introduced for use with HP3000 Series II and III computers. It was manufactured by Data Printer Corporation of Malden Massachusetts.

The 2611A was introduced in july of 1982 at a price of $18,110. The 600 lpm 2611A was very similar to the 2619A except for the built-in vacuum cleaner.

The 2611A and 2619A were obsoleted in May of 1985.

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