98X5 (Software)

Name: 9825 System Tests
Associated Hardware: 9825
Introduced: 1977
Product Number: 09825-90036
Media: .hpi
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Calculator Products
Teledisk: Other


The zip file contains two discs.

"9825_tests" contains most of the 9825 System Tests tape (excluding a few binaries). This disc also contains the program used to create the repeating geometric shape demonstration using the 1350A graphics translator (file name 1350g). The files on the disc are all "tape friendly". This means the various programs often call for other programs from tape, not disc (eg using the "ldf" statement instead of "get"). You will need to change the "ldf" statements to "get" in order to run the programs from disc.

It is no longer possible to create new initialised discs for use with the 9825 and the 98217A disc ROM. This is because there are no longer any working utility tapes which hold the binary files required to initialise new discs. If you want a new, initialised, blank disc for your 9825, use the "9825_empty" disc image. The downloadable files are disc images created using HPdir. You will need a 9895A disc drive in order to create a physical disc that you can use in your 9885 drive with your 9825.

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