98X5 (Software)

9845 Data Acquisition 3325 Verification Screen
Application Software
Name: 9845 Data Acquisition Library
Associated Hardware: 9845B/C
Introduced: 1979
Product Number: 03054-10004
Media: 3.5 inch SS/DD
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Desktop Computer Division
Teledisk: 2.16


The zip file contains three discs:
- ACQSUB: System Subprograms: 03054-10004,
- ACQVER: System Verification: 03054-10005,
- ACQAPP: System Applications: 03054-10006,

After downloading the file, re-create each disc onto a separate 8" floppy disc. Before using the System Applications disc, you must creat two empty data files on it. Do this by issuing the commands:
CREATE "EXP5",1,100
CREATE "MAT5",1,3632

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