98X5 (Software)

9845B QUERY Screen
Application Software
Name: 9845B QUERY and IMAGE Utilities
Associated Hardware: 9845B/C
Introduced: 1980
Product Number:
Media: Tape
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Desktop Computer Division
Donated by: Rik Bos
Teledisk: 2.16


The TDO files in this software were archived using the Structured Software Systems Mass Storage ROM. After re-creating with Teledisk, it can be used directly by a 9845B from the 3.5" floppy drive of a 9133. They do not need to be copied to 8" disc but will only work with a 9845B that has the same Mass Storage ROM. This software was installed onto the archived disc from a master disc. The files are copied protected and cannot be recopied (but the archived discs can be recreated as many times as you like). The IMAGE Utilities program can be launched by loading and RUNNING the "SCHEMA" program. Unfortunately, the program cannot load its "Confg" file, probably because it is looking for the file in a tape drive. The program cannot be altered to change the Msus because it is copy protected.
The hpi files are created using Ansgar Kueckes' tapetool program. This means the original tapes can be restored using these files and tapetool program or you can access the files using hpdrive.

Zip file contains the 2 TDO files and the following 5 tape images:


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