260 (Software)

Op Sys and Utilities B.04
Operating system
Name: 250 Op Sys and Utilities B.04.00
Associated Hardware: 250
Introduced: 1982
Product Number:
Media: 3.5 inch HD
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Fort Collins
Teledisk: 2.16


Recreating the software for the HP 250 is a little more complicated than for other computers. The original discs were archived from 8 inch floppies to 3.5 inch HD floppies using an HP 260 and a 9122C. Unfortunately, the 250 will not interface to either 9121 or 9122 3.5" flexible disc drives. To recreate the archived software, you will need your handy HP 260, 9122C (to handle 3.5 inch HD discs), and a 9895A 8 inch disc drive on which to write your recreated software.

To recreate the 250 software:

1) Download and unzip the archive file. Recreate each TD0 file onto a 3.5 inch floppy in the normal manner.

2) The zip file contains 2 discs both of which were created using the BACKUP utility on the 260 to back up the original 8" floppy discs onto 3.5" floppy discs. The discs included are:
- BUUTIL: Back up of 250 US Utilities, 45274-18021, ver B.04.01,
- BUOPSXS: Back up of 250 US Operating System, 45274-18001, ver B.04.01.

3) Using an HP 250 or 260, there is no direct way to make a copy of a floppy disc, unless the source and destination discs are of identical format (in which case you can use the DUPL utility). To make a copy from one floppy disc to another (eg 8 inch to 3.5 inch), you must first back up the original disc and then restore the backup onto the final media that you desire. We have included back ups of each disc in the download, so you can avoid the step of having to create your own back up. To restore the back up discs to usable software on your 9895A:
- Insert your target disc (DS/DD) into the 9895A and initialize it using the HP 260 INIT utility (RUN “INIT”). Follow the prompts to initialize the disc.
- Insert your 3.5 inch back up disc into one of the drives on your 9122C.
- Run the RECOVR utility on your HP 260 (RUN “RECOVR”) and follow the prompts to specify the source and destination of the back up.

For more information on how to use the HP 260 utilities, visit the 260 page (or read the documentation).

If you have a working HP 250, naturally we would like to hear from you. Please contact us.

Version B.04 of the operating system is required to run some of the utilities posted in this section. For other uses, you should use (the newer) version B.05 of the operating system.

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