260 (Software)

TTY Emulator Screen
Application Software
Name: Teletype Emulator
Associated Hardware: 250/260
Introduced: 1981
Product Number:
Media: hpi
Original Price: Unknown
Teledisk: 2.16


Teletype emulator for HP 250 computer (self-booting, OS version 4).

The Zip file contains a TD0 version (backup) of the original software (3.5", HD image) and a binary image (hpi format) of the original 8" floppy disc. The hpi file is a virtual disc that does not require any vintage mass storage devices to use. But, you will need an HP-IB interface in your PC to use the hpi file. Be sure to visit Ansgar Kuekes' outstanding site to learn how to use hpi files with his hpdrive emulation utility.

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