500 Series (Software)

97089C HP-UX 5.0 Tape
Operating system
Name: HP-UX 5.0 Operating System
Associated Hardware: 9000/500
Introduced: 1984
Product Number: 97089C
Media: .hpi
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Engineering Systems
Teledisk: Other


The downloadable file is an image of the system software tape for HP-UX on 500 Series computers. It was made from a 150ft tape. We obtained 47 read errors while imaging the tape, so it's probably not entirely intact, and we don't have a working 500 Series machine to check. However, the file contents of the tape are readable by issuing the BASIC CAT command from a 300 Series computer.

To use the tape image with the hpdrive utility, you will need to issue the command:

C>hpdrive -9144-150 97089C.hpi

In the above example, the virtual tape will be available on HP-IB address 0.

Please contact us if you have a 500 Series computer or any 500 Series software.

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