3000-MPE (Software)

MPE/iX 4.0 SHOWME Screen
Operating system
Name: MPE/iX 4.0
Associated Hardware: HP3000 PA-RISC
Introduced: 1992
Product Number: 30216 Ver 4.0
Media: .hpi
Original Price: Unknown
Donated by: HP Australia
Teledisk: Other


MPE/iX runs on the PA-RISC 3000s starting with the 930 in 1987. Version 4.0 is the last version of MPE/iX that would fit on a single (670MB) HP-IB disc drive.

This image file was created for a C2203A disc drive. It contains the full FOS and SUBSYS for MPE/iX 4.0. This image will work with 9X8, 9X7 and earlier models of the PA-RISC 3000s. If you are using a 9X7 or 9X8 computer, it will need to have a CIO HP-IB interface (not the HP-PB HP-IB interface that fits in the 3000, but only works in the 9000/800 computers). The earlier vesrions of the 3000 all come standard with the CIO HP-IB interface.

This image was created for use with the hpdrive utility (which requires a PC with an ISA HP-IB card, not PCI). To use the image, enter:

c>hpdrive -nosleep -C2203 MPEiX4.0Full.hpi

After connecting your PC to the 3000 and loading the image, turn on the 3000 and boot from the HP-IB path that leads to the image (eg 4.0.0 or 16.0.0). This image was created on a 9X7 computer. If you are using an earlier computer, you will need to reconfigure your sysgen file in MPE. The software maintenance manual explains how to do this, but it is incomplete and very confusing. The document Configuring MPE found here will make the process a lot easier.

The zip file for this image is 169MB. Please contact us if you would like this software.

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