200/300 Series (Software)

Name: Infax GmbH software and documentation
Associated Hardware: 200/300 Series
Introduced: 1985
Product Number:
Media: 3.5 inch DS/DD
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Fort Collins Systems
Donated by: Dr. Martin Hepperle


This document describes and contains documents and software for expansion boards for Hewlett- Packard computer systems produced by the former company Infax GmbH.

These plug-in boards were for HP 9000-200 and 9000-300 computers with DIO slots. They date from approximately the period between 1980 and 1990.
Most of the boards were designed for data acquisition and control of industrial testing equipment.

The German company Infax was founded in 1977 as a subsidiary of the North-American company Infotek. The name Infotek was already taken in Germany, so a new name had to be used.
Infax Computer Products GmbH was located in Frankfurt/Main and distributed Infotek products. They also developed their own range of extension boards for HP 9000 computers with DIO interfaces. Some of these boards were designed by the HuDe GmbH in Erkelenz.

Besides I/O cards the range also included memory expansion boards which often exceeded the capacity of HP boards. Such high performance memory boards offered between 4 and 32 MB RAM and were available at a cost between 4’000 and 50’000 DM – those were the days!

Legal Note: The former head of the INFAX company, Theo Stevens, generously provided disks of the software drivers required for INFAX cards as well as printed documents describing their usage. Stevens’ STCS company still supports customers who operate legacy HP equipment. Nevertheless the information and software is still under copyright and may only be used for archival and research purposes. Commercial usage is prohibited.

June 2017, Martin Hepperle

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