Mountain View

Division name: Mountain View

Founded: 1967
Address: 690 East Middlefield Road, Mountain View California
Mountain View Division Entrance


On July 1, 1965 HP purchased the Datamec Corporation of Mountain View California. Datamec made digital magnetic tape recorders primarily for the computer industry (in which HP was not yet participating). Datamec was founded in 1961. It had 60 employees and $1.3M in annual revenue at the time of the acquisition. James Bowles was the president of Datamec. He became general manager of HP’s new Datamec division.

The Datamec Division moved to the new 65,000 square foot East Middlefield Road building in early 1967. The division was renamed to the Mountain View Division in April of 1967. At that time, the analog tape recorders manufactured by the Microwave Division were transferred to the new division. Gordon Eding was the first general manager of the Mountain View Division. The bulk of products made by the division were sold to OEM customers (to be attached to computers). In October of 1967, the Mountain View Division employed 225 people.

The Mountain View Division created two major products (and product categories) for HP. These were the 7970 tape drive and the 7900A disc drive. Prior to the 7900A, HP had purchased disc drives from third parties to sell with HP computer systems. In March of 1972, the Mountain View Division merged with the Cupertino Division to form the Data Systems Division under George Newman.

The Mountain View site was vacated by HP in 2007.

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