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375 w/ I/O Expander

300 Series Selection:

Name: 9000/370
Product Number: 98579B
Introduced: 1988
Division: Fort Collins Systems
Original Price: $22550
Catalog Reference: 1989 page 647
Donated by: Agilent Australia


The 9000/370 was almost identical to the 9000/360 except its 68030 processor operated at 33 MHz (instead of 25 MHz), and it offered a maximum memory configuration of 48 MB, instead of 16 MB.

The Model 375 (98574B, $20,995) came in the standard 300 Series cabinet (short) with two available DIO-II slots. Like the 345, the 375 came with a 68030 processor and 68882 coprocessor, both running at 50 MHz.

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