800 Series (Software)

Software Selection:

1) HP-UX 8.X Documentation (1990)
2) HP-UX 8.02 Support Tape (1991)
3) 800 Series System Exerciser (1991)
4) HP-UX 9.0 Application SW S800 (1992)
5) HP-UX 9.04 for 8X5 (1992)
6) HP-UX 9.X Documentation (1992)
7) HP-UX 9.04 Support CD (1992)
8) HP-UX 9.04 for 8X7 (1992)
9) HP-UX 10.20 for 9000/800 (1996)
10) HP-UX 10.2 Application SW S800 (1996)
11) HP-UX 10.20 Support CD (1996)
12) HP-UX 10.X Documentation (1997)
13) HP-UX 10.20 Extensions 3.0 (1999)


Software for the 800 Series computers was originally distributed on half-inch reel-to-reel magnetic tape and on quarter-inch cartridge tapes. Beginning in the early 1990s, software was distributed on DAT tapes and on CD ROMs.

Most software installation media will allow you to create a one to eight user system. Creating a system for more users requires a specific codeword to be used with a particular computer.

Most of the software on the museum site was acrhived from CD ROM. The size of the archives is large, usually over 75MB. We have both ISO images of the original software CDs, and well as .hpi images of HP hard discs with software already installed for use with the hpdrive utility. If you have a CD drive, then you will probably want the ISO images of the original media. If you do not have a CD drive, or if you have an older 800 Series computer (eg 8X5 series), then you will probably want the already-installed hard disc images. Either way, you will need to contact us to obtain the software.

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