The donors of specific items are identified on that item's page.

The museum extends a special thank you to the DGX freight company. DGX sponsored our major shipments out of America in 2010 (Primarily consisting of old HP-250 and 260 systems). DGX used HP-250 systems in its business in the 1980s. For all your international requirements, be sure to visit DGX.

The museum has received considerable help from Hewlett Packard and Agilent Australia. This assistance has come in the form of product donations, access to materials, temporary storage space and transport assistance. Past and present employees of Agilent and HP Australia have been very active and enthusiastic supporters of the museum, and we really appreciate it.

The museum also wishes to thank all those companies and individuals who have contributed to our collection. Over ninety percent of the items in the museum have arrived via donation.

Adrian Weiss Hewlett-Packard Australia Ltd
Agilent Ian Johnston
Alan Warmington John Geremin
Andy Stewart John Hedger
Australian Computer Museum Society John McGechie
Australian Dairy Corporation John Walker
Bill McGlynn John Warmington
Bruce Marsh Kassulke Transport
Chris Simpson Mark Berends
Danny Kovacs Michael Frisbee
David Booth Monash University
David Loncasty Monika Waffler
David Pawley Paul Fisher
David Weeks Paul Schroeter
Dean Clarke Peter Simpson
Eric Lording Phillip Hocking
Glaxo Wellcome Queensland Cane Growers Association
Glenn Baddelly Robert Dey
Gregory Listor Russell Warmington
Hans Neilson  


The ever-helpful and ultra-knowledgable John Geremin of
Megatronics, DECUS, various HP user groups and the
Australian Computer Museum Society (mob: 0427 10 20 60).
Caption courtesy of John Geremin (The Great).
  Keen collector and pack rat
Ian Johnston
David Booth in 1983
  Eric Lording in 1983
Career HP Cheerleader Bruce Marsh (Swampy)
  Glen, Joy and Arden Coombe (most delightful museum contributors ever)
Frank Freschi and Lloyd Stott
  Curator Receives Gift From Roger Stocco (R)
Bernie Lebenbaum and Michael Caplan (pictured) of
The Macservice Group in Melbourne
  Larry and Rita Lehman of Crisis Computers in San Jose
Barry Silverton of Computer Applications in Sydney
  Ed Blacksmith, Gardena California
Helmut Reinhardt donated his wonderful collection of
HP computer newsletters from the 1970s and 1980s.
  Sheila Isaacs with her classic HP 2116A in New York


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