Computer Systems

Early 2000 Selection:

1) 2116 (1966)
2) 2115 (1967)
3) 2114 (1968)
4) 2000 Timeshare System (1969)
5) 2100A (1971)
6) 2100S (1973)


HP entered the computer industry with the 2116A in 1966. Construction of the museum's Early 2000s exhibit hall has only just begun. We have yet to acquire a 2115 or 2114.

For more information on these products, be sure to sure to visit the Communicator Magazine library.

The museum has a large collection of software on paper tape for HP 2000 computers. To view this collection, please visit our page on Other Software.

Click here to read Todd Poyner's detailed history of the origins and development of HP 2000 and 1000 computers.

Jeff Moffatt's HP 2100 Archives is another great source for information on early 2000 machines. The 2100 Archives has a very comprehensive listing of manuals for HP 2000 computer interfaces.

Bob Shannon has a terrific collection of old HP 2000 and 1000 computers. This includes two 2116, two 2114, a 2115 and seven 2113. You can see photos of some of his machines in action here.

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