Crosstalk was HP Australia’s journal for its technical computer user groups. This publication was launched in June of 1982 and continued through……..well, we’re not sure…and least through 1986.

The journal was targeted at users of HP 1000, 80 Series, 9800 Series, 200 Series, 500 Series and 300 Series computers. It included articles on: new products, software tips, training and event schedules and happenings at HP Australia.

Crosstalk typically consisted of only 8 to 16 pages (download file size average of 400 Kb).

Crosstalk was launched in June, 1982.


Interactive was a color magazine designed for MIS managers and other computer purchase influencers. The magazine was usually 16 to 20 pages in length (2 Mb file size). Interactive included articles on customer stories, product applications, technologies and new products. It was published between 1993 and 1997.

Interactive - The Magazine for I.T. Professionals.


Issue - Crosstalk_13pages_Jun82.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_17pages_Aug82.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_13pages_Oct82.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_17pages_Dec82.pdf


Issue - Crosstalk_17pages_Feb83.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_17pages_Apr-May83.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_17pages_Jul-Aug83.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_13pages_Oct-Nov83.pdf


Issue - Crosstalk_17pages_May-Jun84.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_9pages_Oct-Nov84.pdf


Issue - Crosstalk_13pages_Jan-Feb85.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_13pages_Mar-Apr85.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_13pages_May-Jun85.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_13pages_Jul-Aug85.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_8pages_Sep-Oct85.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_9pages_Nov-Dec85.pdf


Issue - Crosstalk_9pages_Jan-Feb86.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_8pages_Mar-Apr86.pdf

Issue - Crosstalk_8pages_Nov-Dec86.pdf


Issue - Interactive_Issue4_17pages_Dec94.pdf


Issue - Interactive_Issue5_17pages_May95.pdf

Issue - Interactive_Issue6_19pages_Sep-Oct95.pdf


Issue - Interactive_Issue7_21pages_Apr-May96.pdf

Issue - Interactive_Issue8_17pages_Oct96.pdf

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