1000-RTE (Software)

Software Selection:

1) 21-MX Diagnostics (1975)
2) L-Series Diagnostics (1980)
3) RTE-L ver 2027 (1980)
4) RTE-IVB for 21MX Computers (1980)
5) RTE-6VM for 21MX Computers (1981)
6) DGL Demo Software (1981)
7) PASCAL/1000 (1982)
8) BASIC 1000/L (1982)
9) A700 Vector Instruction Sets (1982)
10) RTE Profile Monitor (1982)
11) A700 Microprogramming Package (1982)
12) IMAGE/1000 (1982)
13) A-Series Diagnostics (1983)
14) RTE-XL Master (1983)
15) FORTRAN 77 for 1000 (1983)
16) RTE-A System (1983)
17) RTE-A Virtual Code Plus (1983)
18) X.25 Communication Software (1985)
19) RTE-A LIF Utility (1989)
20) RTE-A ver 6200 (1994)


Software for HP technical systems computers was initially distributed on punched paper tape. In the 1970's, half-inch magnetic tape became the medium of choice. By the end of that decade, HP also distributed some software on 8-inch floppy discs. In the 1980's, RTE software was distributed on numerous new media types including 3.5" and 5 1/4" floppy discs as well as quarter-inch cartridge tapes. By the end of the 1980's, software for HP 1000 computers was also distributed on DAT tapes.

Most of the software posted in this section is untested. In addition to the individual titles we have posted here, the museum also has images of hard discs containing RTE-based software in .hpi format for use with HPDrive. These hard disc images have been tested and can be used to boot HP 1000 computer systems (RTE-A). The disc images are large, so they are not posted for download. Please contact us if you have an HP 1000 system that needs software.

The easiest way to get your old 1000 going is to download the complete RTE-A (ver 6200) disc image above. You can load this image onto your PC and boot your 1000 directly from your PC (provided you have a GP-IB card and cable).

Click here for a listing of the museum's collection of software on paper tape for HP 1000 and 2000 systems.

The web's most comprehensive collection of HP 1000 software is at bitsavers.

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