Portable/Portable Plus (Software)

Software Selection:

1) MS-DOS for the HP110 Portable (1984)
2) Utilties Disc for Portable (1984)
3) 110 Programmers Tool Kit (1984)
4) Lotus 1-2-3 Utilities for 110 (1984)
5) HP BASIC for Portable Plus (1985)
6) Lotus 1-2-3 Utilities for Portable Plus (1985)
7) Microsoft Word Utilities for Portable Plus (1985)
8) Executive Card Manager Utility, Imports for Portab (1985)
9) Games for Portable Plus (1985)
10) Reflection Supplemental Disc for Portable Plus (1986)
11) Portable Paper Subscriber Discs (1988)
12) Plotter Support Disc (1990)

One of the key benefits of the Portable and Portable was that most software was loaded and run (very quickly) from plug-in ROM modules. These computers could also run most 100 Series MS-DOS programs loaded from an external disc drive (usually a 9114B). HP-150 programs that run on the Portable/Portable Plus include:

HP BASIC for the 150

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PASCAL for 150

Lattice C Compiler

Executive Card Manager Templates

Microsoft FORTRAN for 150

GW BASIC for 100 Series

If you're looking to get as many programs as possible for the Portable and Portable Plus, The Portable Paper's Subscriber's disc has over 100 applications, games and utilities.

If you are unable to run a program from the floppy drive, the problem may be due to unsufficient user memory. You may get an error message stating this (or you may not). Both the 110 and the Portable Plus allocate internal main memory to either user memory or Edisc. To increase the amount of main memory, press the F6 key to enter "System Config" from the boot up screen. Then adjust the allocation of memory to increase user memory.

Click here for instructions on how to create working discs from the downloaded file.

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