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Hewlett Packard Sites:

Hewlett Packard Company

Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd

HP Museum and History Sites:

HP History and Archives.

The HP Memory Project. Marc Mislanghe's site provides a view of the history of the HP Company and a timeline of technology developments. Marc has been a great contributor to the HP Computer Museum and is one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.

The Vintage Hewlett-Packard Archive. This outstanding site has an extensive collection of useful on-line documentation including manuals (for instruments) and HP Journals. It also has other useful information for HP collectors.

The Museum of HP Calculators – Everything you wanted to know about HP Calculators, a great site.

HPCC – Excellent site on HP handheld and portable computers.

HP9825.COM - The Story of the Little Computer That Could! - A detailed look at the 9825 and its significance. Includes an excellent section on HP's early years in the computer industry. This site also includes a very detailed look at the development of the early computing products that came out of HP's Loveland Division (9800 computers).

The HP 9845 Project - Ansgar Kueckes has constructed an outstanding and comprehensive site on the 9845. This site is loaded with history, usage and technical information on the 9845. It also includes some very handy troubleshooting and repair tips.

HP Series 80 Web Site – just what the name says.

If you want to enjoy some classic HP computing from the comfort of your own PC, be sure to visit Olivier De Smet's 80 Series and 200 Series emulators.

John Shadbolt's 1980s Vintage Computers, including HP 80 Series.

Terry Newton's page on HP minicomputer stuff. Some great information on making a paper tape emulator and IDE disc interface for HP 2000s. Also includes some HP software.

HP 2100 Archives.

Ken Kuhn's HP Museum web site. History of HP instruments. Excellent links.

HP Manuals in PDF form. Bitsavers is the web's largest library of old computer manuals.

The OpenPA Project. This is the web's most comprehensive resource on PA-RISC based HP 9000 computers.

Second Hand HP Equipment and Legacy Support:

Monterey Bay Communications.

Pro 3K for all your HP3000 support requirements.

Crisis Computers. Based in San Jose, California, this company had the largest warehouse of old HP computers that I have ever seen. Sadly they have now closed down and the link goes to a spam site so it's been removed.

Comco. Based in Iowa, Comco repairs old HP 7980-class tape drives (among other things).

Dasher Technologies.

360 Technologies.

Datagate Systems. Datagate does a range of repairs on old HP systems to the component level.

HP Part Surfer. Find HP parts from HP.

MacService Group. Australian company for sales, repair and calibration of HP/Agilent instruments.

MHz Electronics in Phoenix, Arizona USA has a large inventory of older/legacy HP computing equipment, instruments and parts for sale.


The Australian Computer Museum Society. A great organization and a great provider of assistance to the HP Computer Museum.

The German company Tech Soft offers a wide range of new hardware, utilities and software for 1990s HP systems (including HP-IB cards, cables, CD burners, manuals, etc).

The Utah-based company 3K Ranger offers programming services for MPE and HP-UX systems as well as a conversion service for old tapes.

The Washington State-based company Strobe makes new classic HP-1000 (21-MX and A-Series) hardware as well as DEC-compatible hardware.

The Bering company of California makes new mass storage solutions for legacy HP systems: 1000M/E/F/A, 9000 Series 300, 500, 800. Bering has some terrific high-capacity solutions for even the oldest systems, and provides the highest level of support.

HP retirees web site.

HP Alumni Association. Lots of great HP links.

The Computer History Museum, Mountain View California. The world's largest computer museum.

The radio museum in Germany has a terrific collection of old electronics equipment. They also have links to the major technology museums around the world.

Thanks to Brittney C. for her interest in technology - the past and future! Cheers to her 7th grade tech class in Washington.

Thanks to Todd G. and the students of his 'Computers & Technology' seminar series in Vermont for this link on the history of software in space that covers creating and designing a website; from coding to hosting to accessibility and usability.

Some great educational material on the history of computers and the programming that makes them work - link provided by Emily from Colorado USA and her teacher Jessica Lowe! Thanks to you both!

Here's a page giving an overview of the major developments of data storage starting from 1928 up to 2004 - link provided by Liam and Abigail Lynwood. Thanks for the suggestion to add this link Liam!

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